Talking Filmmaking via Skype

February 9th, 2011

My students and I were interviewed recently by some middle school students in Dover, New Jersey, about the process of making films. They had watched some of our films on our class weblog, Watch Out!, and decided to contact us. One of the cool things about sharing our classroom work online is that sometimes others find it useful.

These students, taught by Mr. Zangerle, an 8th grade English teacher, are working on a year-long project looking into important topics in their community. As part of the project they are creating films, so they wanted to interview us about how we make our films.

I edited our 30-minute Skype conversation into the 10-minute video I posted here. My students and I really enjoyed talking with Mr. Zangerle and his students. They may contact us again in the future for feedback as their project develops. We’re looking forward to seeing what they create and I’m glad we could help out in some way.

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